Why choose our property management team?

Because of our low vacancy rates. Because of the continuity in our property management team. But mostly, because our clients stay with us – some since we started out in 2003.

Looking after your property personally
Do our property managers look after you and your investment property professionally? Of course. Our property managers have all the experience, tools and support you’d expect:

  • Experience and training. Knowledgeable managers staying up to date with legislation.
  • Intelligent tenant selection process. Our low vacancy and court-action rates prove it.
  • Efficient systems and procedures. Prompt, clear, accurate reporting and paperwork.
  • Advanced technology. Freeing up time to look after you and your property, personally.

And that’s the difference. Our investment in the best talent and systems means our property managers have more time to give you and your property more personal care and attention.

That’s why our managers and clients stay with us
Having the time and resources to do the best job and build a long-term relationship with you is everything. It’s why our property managers and, in turn, our clients are happy. It means:

  • low vacancy rates for your property
  • minimal maintenance costs for your investment
  • continuity of income, better value for money and less stress for you.

Find out why referrals drive our business. Learn about our property management performance guarantee.

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