Property Sales Tips and Resources.

Nobody knows for certain what price you’ll get for your property. But with the help of our property sales team, you can maximise your price and minimise your stress. Here are some home sales tips.

  • Think about timing. What time of year does your home look and feel its best? In the warmer months, when the garden is in bloom and the market is traditionally busy with optimistic buyers? Or is your home cosy and suited to the cooler months when buyers are fewer in number, but more focused and intent? Ask our property sales team for their opinion.
  • Be prepared and well presented. It goes without saying a tidy home is easier to sell, so it’s important to keep it neat. But what else would help your home shine? Fresh flowers or plants? A furniture cull to create more space? Are there any minor repairs or makeovers that could make the difference? Book a no-obligation assessment and we’ll give you some tips.
  • Choose the right sales method. Fixed price. A price range. No-price marketing. An auction. Open negotiation. When it comes to choosing how to sell your property, you need to look at the local market, as well as your personal circumstances. Tell us about your property and priorities, then our property sales team can give you some guidance.
  • Take the stress out of moving. Like many things in property sales, a little preparation goes a long way to minimising your stress levels. Once you’ve agreed a sale price and exchanged contracts, it can seem like you have ages to get organised, but moving day will arrive faster than you can say ‘Have we got internet at our new place?’ Download our Moving Checklist.

Planning to sell but need some help getting your property in order? We’re here for you

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